The Family Penis Rule

God ordained that when two people marry, there must be an average of 0.5 penises per person.

Religious Freedom Laws

Kansas, Arizona, and Georgia have all considered or are considering legislation in support of religious freedom. The free practice of religion was the basis for the foundation of the United States. These laws protect businessmen against being forced out of business for complying with their deeply held religious values.

Why Universal Health Care Is Bad

With the recent Supreme Court decision, the Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare" or "Romneycare") is legal. In theory, this advances the goal of universal coverage -- the notion that everyone in America should be able to get medical care when it is needed. At its core, this is an idea with which a real conservative fundamentally disagrees.

We do NOT want everyone in America to have access to medical care. It would only extend their lives. Do we really want to extend everyone's life? Not a chance!

Monetizing the 'Poor'

Real conservatives in the U.S. firmly oppose programs to transfer weath from hard-working weath-holders to the 'poor.'  It

Pink Bowling Balls

Wednesday, we learned that Rick Santorum guided a young boy to choose a gender-appropriate bowling ball.

Although he was clearly just joking, a joke often reveals underlying truths about the teller and about society. Santorum's joke reveals a number of hardly-surprising truths.

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